The Kitchen is Still Under Construction

Why should this renovation be any different?  The clients are complaining that the walls are not squared off and they are still in the process of picking out tile.  Plus there is a brick wall, they may want to expose.  They have opted for open shelving to hold and display their water bottle cap plates.  They will be eating out for a while till the kinks are all worked out.


Legacy | Define Legacy at a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest. 2. anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome.

Rabbi Elkodsi, of the Malverne Jewish Center, wanted to segue into the topic of Leaving a Legacy.  She got me.  I realized where I am and where I am going and I WAS DESPERATE TO LEAVE A LEGACY.   If my book is about one thing – it is about my journey to find a legacy to leave.

Legacy USUALLY means money.  All the hospitals, all the synagogues and churches, all the summer camps, all the charitable organizations are all hoping I am in a position to leave them a legacy.

But what is a middle class mom supposed to do when there is not enough wealth accumulated to leave a legacy?

I wrote a book and am 6 chapters into my second.  My girlfriend has knitted and socked away enough baby blankets to leave for the great-grandchildren she will never see.

What if you are single? Never had children? or will never have grandchildren?  Well, I would say: “What did you enjoy most of all, in your life?”  Was it food? Leave recipes.  Was it skiing? Leave a scholarship.  Was it swimming? Send someone to summer camp.  Was it sitting in the park?  Leave a bench!

YOUR PASSION is the answer.  If you enjoy(ed) traveling, leave your cleaning lady a trip.   Make your passion become your legacy.  Make your legacy become your purpose and your purpose become your project.  Just trying to get it done will keep you busy.  Getting it done will make you proud.  Sharing your project with the world will make you less lonely.   And your life will find its meaning, so aging will be bittersweet, not just bitter.

I want to hear your thoughts.


I just joined the National Society of Newspaper Columnists at the behest of a syndicated columnist who started reading my book.  I am officially a writer, in case you doubted it for one minute!

I know it is hard to believe that I was a selective mute in grade school but baby, look at me now!



My daughter wanted to move back to our lovely suburban town but found that she was locked out price wise.  We wanted to sell our house and move back to a city apartment and found that we were locked out price wise.  I am tired of my beach cottage look.  I would go for the urban if I could.  AND I CAN!  AND I DID in my little HABA world.  Notice the exposed brick wall and rustic/urban wood flooring.  SO sophisticated and so cozy at the same time. I think I will be spending lots of winter hours here in this living room.  Who wants to come over and play dolls with me?


when my tooth cracked under my cap.  I needed to be anesthetized in order to go through with the necessary procedure.  “The total, with the implant will be $4,500,” the receptionist told me and I willingly signed because the pain was just plain unbearable.  My husband had just put $ 1600 on the credit card for his root canal.

I met a woman who told me she needed 10, I repeat TEN implants.  Well, that means that in retirement, when there is no more dental insurance, we could potentially need $ 100K for dental work.  So, just as I was thinking about my bucket list, I realized that I may not want to book that trip.  OR should I book the trip and not worry about our teeth?  WHO CAN FIGURE THIS DILEMMA OUT?

COZY? CUTE? or just plain CRAZY?

OK.  I must confess – I am on Tylenol with codeine because I had to have tooth extracted.  I had a hairline crack under a cap BUT the tooth totally collapsed and I saw stars every time I bit down.  So, I am a little out of it.  So you tell me:  Is the dining room I created for my granddaughter’s dolls COZY?  CUTE? or just plain CRAZY?

And aren’t these HABA  grandparents dolls something out of Heidi?

My daughter asked me to take care of my granddaughter for a whole day – because the child care will be closed and I am planning to play…DOLLS!  I don’t know who will enjoy it more but I think it will be ME!