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You cannot make this up!  For the past several years I have been coloring my hair in a one-step process. It saved time and money. But the last time I did it, my hair came out too red and competed with my complexion. I was not happy.  I let my hair go natural wavy, slightly curly and decided I would go blond again. I did half a head of highlights.  That was YESTERDAY!  TODAY, the conductor on the train was collecting tickets.  As a senior, you can buy one on the train without penalty.  I told him where I was going and that I was a senior.  He looked incredulous and asked me TWICE if I was really a senior.  I told him that he made my day and that I would stop by a bar and see if they would card me!   I don’t think he ever looked at my face.  That is the POWER OF BLOND!

Another great review!

on January 24, 2018
I loved reading about the authors life. Especially about her Jewish upbringing, career choices, how she met her husband and her relationship with her daughter and grandchildren. The chapter about her collection of shoes over the years and how those choices relate to what was or is going on in her life is something I can relate to. I enjoyed the book very much.
Thank you Stacie.  I just got another order on kindle.  And the government must have read my book, too, and paid attention to page 105 because we are all getting new Medicare cards with Medicare numbers – NOT our socials!!!!!!


I have sat on the sides all these years. I fought for women’s rights in the 70s.  But then I went to work and saved for my retirement. I raised my kids.  I bought a home. I gutted and redid my home. I planted a garden.  I BECAME COMPLACENT because I was so busy.  And look what happened to this country.

Newsflash:  GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDFATHERS – you are very much NEEDED and RELEVANT.  It is time to fight for our grandkids’ RIGHT TO LIVE!   Because if you look at the long list of school shootings, YOU HAVE TO WORRY and YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THE WORRY BY JOINING THE FIGHT.





Milton’s Paradise Lost

Milton portrayed the devil as begin more intriguing than God.  His depiction of evil explained why.  Evil is livelier.  Evil is more dynamic.  Evil is an action figure.  BUT WE THE READERS of the press ARE ALSO TO BLAME for being intrigued by EVIL.  It is ironic that we all need happy endings and that Hollywood is Hollywood because of the happy endings they provide us but THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING after a school shooting.  AND WE -ALL OF US- NEED TO BOYCOTT THE NEWS.  IF the media did not get higher ratings after a school shooting, THEN they would lose money and interest.  THEN THE PERPETRATORS would NOT GET THEIR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME AND GLORY.  You know these perpetrators are terrorists, in their own style, and the less attention they get, THE LESS THE DESIRE TO IMITATE THEM.  So IF  we REALLY want to cut back on gun violence and we cannot fight the gun lobbyists, THEN WE NEED TO FIGHT THE MEDIA AND GET THEM ON OUR SIDE.  Right now it looks to me as if the MEDIA IS DOING THE GUN LOBBYISTS WORK FOR THEM.



This is an my op-ed piece. Of course we are INSANE with our gun laws. BUT I also BLAME THE MEDIA. We seem to be obsessed with the killer’s psychology. WHO THE FUCK CARES? WHY ARE WE GIVING THE KILLER SO MUCH ATTENTION? There was a CSW in the school district I worked in who got down on the floor when a kid was having a temper tantrum and acted like the kid. I thought that was NUTS! When my grandson hits his younger sister, he is told in no uncertain terms that he CANNOT – no excuses. Then when there is more calm then the talking begins. “I know that you get upset…” his mother will start BUT…When you have a wild teen – you have to deal with the out of control teen FIRST. PERIOD. And the killer does NOT DESERVE any attention. It only encourages the next nut who is starving for attention nd we all know that bad attention is better than no attention.
So Media you are not only part of the problem – you are not assuming the adult role!