images-1In my late fifties I was still multi tasking at work and at home.  My kitchen is literally in the middle of my house.  The laundry is right on the other side. 

I used to cook, roast, run the dishwasher, wash a load, dry a load, turn on the coffee pot, boil water in the electric tea kettle – all – simultaneously.  I was the master of doing it all and all at once. 

But one day “it” happened.  I had put a load of laundry in the washer and decided I wanted a cup of herbal tea.  I heard the noise of water and  I poured myself a cup of tea. But the tea in the teabag was still intact and the water was cold.  My first thought was that the kettle had broken.  I turned it over to see where it was made. Then I heard the noise again.  I could not identify it at first but as I turned  around, I saw it was my washing machine.   I had never even plugged the tea kettle in.  Clearly, I can only do ONE machine at a time now.


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