TKTS If/Then

Enough is enough and we decide to go up and have our champagne.  We are planning to get to TKTS early the next morning.  It is our last day of vacation in NYC.  Tomorrow is Wednesday and we are going to a matinee.

TKTS480    images

TKTS is exactly thirty two blocks away – straight going downtown.  Everyone walks in NYC.  I want to walk but my husband’s BPH  does not allow it.  (Until I wrote this, I had no idea what BPH stands for:  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).  He insists on taking public transportation.  He wants to take the subway.  I want to take a bus.  Since I originally wanted to walk, he caves.  We wait a long time for that downtown bus.  When we get off at 47th street, we both have to pee.  Before we do anything, we have to find a Starbucks.  My conscience does not allow me to go in and just use the restroom, so we have to wait on line to get a drink, which we both know will only make me need to pee again real soon. We finally get on the TKTS line. We are in the company of tourists and middle aged or aging seniors.  We get the tickets we hoped for.  We are going to see Idina Menzel in If/Then…  I am thrilled.  The sun is shining.  It is a warm autumn day.  We walk to nearby Bryant Park to grab a bite for lunch. 


Bryant Park is full of people.  A lot of working people from the surrounding office buildings come to play ping pong, chess, and other board games.  There are kiosks of fast food.  There is a public restroom with long lines.  There are jugglers and a carousel.  It is one of my favorite places to rest and feel energized simultaneously.  You can’t help but feel young.


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