imagesDuring intermission I run to try to be at the head of the line – the line to the women’s bathroom.  It is a common joke about the women’s bathroom during intermission.  There are hundreds of women waiting to get into the very limited stalls.  I look at everyone in front of me.  I turn and look behind me.  I see a sea of heads.  The women are all middle aged.  Their hair is dyed or gray or a combination of gray roots showing at the base of dyed hair.  The faces are wrinkled.  Some have stopped trying to cover up.  Others have way too much make up on.  The baby boomers are supporting the matinees, I realize.  All of our children are at work.  Has this always been the way?  WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO BROADWAY WHEN THE BABY BOOMERS ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO ATTEND?


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