These are NOT your mother’s slipcovers!!!!!

I LOVE my living room.  We have a small (under 1,000 sq. ft) original beach cottage walking distance to a bay I would not dare put my bare feet into because of its proximity to the Big Apple and the pollution in the waterway.  Nonetheless, it is an original mid 1920s or 30s beach cottage.

I gave myself a retirement present – not a party.  We redid the last decrepit room in the house.

We had the old carpeting torn out and replaced it with maple hardwood.  We had the paint freshened.  We purchased a proper dining table and chairs.  The chairs are upholstered in a striped blue and off white and gold.  The dining area sits in front of the window, overlooking a driftwood gray deck. 


I kind of like the slipcovered look even better than the original.  They get dirty.  They get washed.  They stay clean and fresh.

What do you think?

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