What do you do in retirement?

images-2How do people know what they want to do in retirement?  I knew I had to retire because I was too tired to get up at 5:00 a.m. and commute an hour each way.  But I wasn’t ready to give it all up.

What if you don’t golf?  What if you had melanoma so Florida is out?  What if you have ALWAYS been more focused on work than on social get togethers?   What if you don’t like volunteering because you still like to earn money?  What if you are committed to family and want to be around for grandkids but your own daughter sees your help as a threat to her independence?  What do you do with your time?

So, far, my husband and I have not made any major moves, nor any major changes. 

We both tutor.  We go to the gym and exercise – everyday now.  And we babysit when asked.  BUT…

2 thoughts on “What do you do in retirement?

  1. You are so funny….. When you figure it out let me know!!!!! So yes I do love the beach too but melonoma scares us all and the gym, ugh!!!! Worse then getting up at 5:00 am…. Thinking of hiring myself out for all the jobs I might have chosen like event planner, or being on Project Runway, or writing for O or Real Simple…. Maybe even giving old Starbucks a whirl…. Hmmmmm retirement… Full of possibilities

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    • You are making fun of me but I am entertaining ONE possibility and I cannot decide. So you will have to work it out with me via this blog!!!! I think you will laugh at my next posting!!!


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