Editing Mistakes

In my book, RAGING AGAINST AGING, I wrote about the artist Bonnard who was caught touching up his own painting in the Louvre.  He was escorted out by security guards, his paints and brushes in hand.  I cannot believe that I am still finding mistakes – fewer and less glaring – but mistakes, nonetheless.  I had my piece edited by the author Sherry Suib Cohen, by two friends, my brother-in-law, and twice by my daughter.  I myself have edited my 140 page book at least 12 times.  A close friend, who was a professional book editor her entire life, edited it yet again and made 1,055 comments.  I accepted 98% of her suggestions.  And yet, I am still finding mistakes.  I left out a space after a period.  I forgot to add the “s” for a plural.  I used the past perfect instead of the simple past.

I don’t remember finding obvious mistakes in any of the books I read as a child.  And I read MANY, MANY books.  But just two weeks ago, CNN had a headline that read”WEEK Earnings…”

So, exactly when will my book be ready for publication?

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