Grandkids are THE Best!!!!

images-2.jpgMy daughter decided to work extra this summer and she asked if she could come over with her kids so that we can watch them this whole week till mid afternoon.  She wanted to make extra income and she did not want to spend her earnings on a babysitter.  We were THRILLED!   They get up in the morning and after breakfast, they jump up on the counter seats to do art.  Then we take them to a playground that has water features or to the library or we put on the sprinklers in the backyard.  The kids are engaged and love to do projects.  The second we turn away, because we are trying to straighten up the mess, or do the dishes, or run the laundry, or just have a cup of coffee, the two year old is biting her brother or her brother is giving his sister a nuggie.  She pinches him and he kicks her.  She scratches him and he punches her.  She takes whatever he is playing with and screams:  “Mine, mine, mine.”

We have  a small house so it is “cozy, cozy.”  But we cannot see the floors because all the kid stuff is out.  I managed to break a toe when I banged into my own trunk which I forgot was in a new spot so that the kids would have more room to play.  I do not remember the last time I showered and I cannot remember if I took my blood pressure med today.

The second they leave,  I will miss them.   And the second my daughter calls to ask me if they can sleep over, I will say “YES” so loudly, you will probably hear me.

There is just something about grandkids…





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