So the Grandkids have gone home…


My toe still hurts but now I can see my floor and my furniture.  My daughter helped me clean up the mess before she left with the grandkids.  I am sorting out the piles of laundries and I have five days worth of mail to open and sort and shred and address.   No one called “Grandma,”  so we slept in.  No one needs their diaper changed this morning (and hopefully we are twenty years away from that scenario for ourselves).  No one is fighting over what tv program to watch.  No one is asking for Cheerios and then for blueberries and toast and French toast and jam.  No one is jumping up on the counter seats telling me they want to do art.  No one is whining (except my husband and I can’t hear him).  It is too quiet.

Wait.  My daughter just called:  Can the kids sleepover next weekend for three nights and four days?   YES!!!!! OF COURSE!!!  Does anyone have extra coupons to Michael’s?  I am making a list of even more ambitious art projects to do.




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