63560842_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7094703 2.jpgI check the stats from time to time.  To date 2,109 people have tapped into this blog site.  That does not mean they follow my blogs religiously.  That does not mean they found what they were looking for.  But these stats are what encouraged me to take my blogs and expand them till they became chapters, till they grew into a small little book that you can tuck in your bag and read a whole chapter or two while waiting in the doctor’s office.   Does this mean that 2,109 people will buy my book?  I am not naive but I sure hope so.  So my book is at the publishers…I will get an actual book to proof in two weeks or so and then I will have a date when it will be out on Amazon and Kindle.  Thank you to all 2,109 people whoever your are, wherever you are, for encouraging me to go on this journey.

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