ALWAYS take your cleaning lady along with you when you go shopping for a new vacuum cleaner

mile_1-2.pngI made the mistake of going without my cleaning lady.  I came home with a top of the line Lindenhaus vacuum.  It was very powerful and you did not need to switch to clean floors and carpet.  It has two types of brushes and it looked simple to use.  True, it was big and a little clunky but you did not have to switch heads.  I called my cleaning lady to show her what I thought was the next best thing to a robotic vacuum.  Her face sank.  She was clearly unhappy.  She told me she wanted a Miele.  I went back to the store and the fabulous owner exchanged the brand new Lindenhaus model for the tried and true Miele.  My cleaning lady THANKED ME and was so happy.  It was priceless, really.  “Who cleans?” she said:  “Me or you?”

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