Once again, I WANT TO KNOW WHO IS WITH ME ON THIS ONE!  If your read my previous blog, you know my gripe.  So, HAVE WE REPLACED BEING POLITE with getting results?  WHY are we answering HOW a person PERFORMED on a survey call instead of: WAS THE REPRESENTATIVE POLITE?  I would have no problem saying that rep was polite.  I have a problem saying that I was satisfied, very satisfied, or extremely satisfied with her performance.  The task at hand was:  Send forms.  She did not COMPLETE that task.  What she did was tell me that she will pass that request on.  So HOW CAN I POSSIBLY RATE HER PERFORMANCE?  Is her manner more important than the task getting done?  She can promise sweetly but she cannot promise to deliver.  For a results-oriented person, this is hard for me to swallow.  So, IS IT JUST ME OR IS SOMETHING SCREWY?

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