When we were first starting out and we were living paycheck to paycheck, we were trying to figure out how to cut corners in the hope of coming out ahead.   We went to the accountant for help.  I was working.  My husband was working.  It was a second marriage and we were starting over together from scratch and I had a daughter.  I had a long commute.  He had a  start up agency.

My husband suggested that we get rid of the cleaning lady.  Before I could respond, our male accountant, leaned across the table.  He got in my husband’s face, literally.  He said in an authoritative voice:  ” You get cheap haircuts.  You don’t eat out.  You don’t buy Starbuck’s.  But you NEVER get rid of the cleaning lady.”

When my stepson’s wife went back to work, I told him that story.  I don’t think he listened and today, he is divorced.  After my daughter got married  and moved back from California, we gave her the money for a cleaning lady the second she was due to give birth.  Later that year, I suggested that we pay for a cleaning lady every other week as our anniversary gift to them.  To this day, five years later, around her anniversary, she reminds us that that is the BEST anniversary gift and so it is!208997_stock-photo-crazy-cleaning-lady

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