What gift do you value?  What gift would you like to receive?  Winter is coming.  The days are shorter.  I am blogging on wordpress so I have to assume, but you know the danger in that, that words and books are something you hold onto, cherish.   Me, I would love to receive a good book in a cellophane wrapped basket with maybe a Starbuck’s or tea theme.  I like coffee in the morning.  I like to stay in bed on cold, dreary mornings, under the blanket, sipping and reading.  Me, I like herbal tea.  I like to get into bed early and sip and read under the blankets.   In between, I am out and about and running around.  I try to exercise and I cook lots of soups.  But the early and late times are luxurious in retirement, in the winter.   So, with 18 days  left to Chanukah and and 29 left till Christmas, why run around like a chicken without a head shopping in the malls?  Why hassle with parking and lines and throngs and mobs?  Why not order a good book like RAGING AGAINST AGING  or any other on http://www.Amazon.com or Kindle and go to your local Starbuck’s or tea house and put together a thoughtful, cozy present for that special friend or relative?



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