RAGING AGAINST AGING seems to be all the rage. Just google up Raging Against Aging and see what happens!

Everywhere I go, I talk to people about my book and everywhere, I am “well received.”  Well, of course that may be because we spend time on the Upper East Side in doctors’ offices, at Broadway matinees, and now, we just took a trip to Florida.  “These are my people,” I keep telling my husband because we are all in our sixties plus.  Maybe my book would not be well received in Boston, where there is a sign when you enter the city, that says:  “If you are over 30, you do not belong.”  But then again, Boston is a college town.   So, if you have read my book and liked it, please tell me.  If you have read my book and want more, I have an additional six chapters.  If you are in a position to help me find a place who might want a column – maybe called:  JUST CALL ME BUBBIE! please make suggestions.  I want to keep my culture alive and I want to still be relevant.  Rage and Age with me!

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