This is an my op-ed piece. Of course we are INSANE with our gun laws. BUT I also BLAME THE MEDIA. We seem to be obsessed with the killer’s psychology. WHO THE FUCK CARES? WHY ARE WE GIVING THE KILLER SO MUCH ATTENTION? There was a CSW in the school district I worked in who got down on the floor when a kid was having a temper tantrum and acted like the kid. I thought that was NUTS! When my grandson hits his younger sister, he is told in no uncertain terms that he CANNOT – no excuses. Then when there is more calm then the talking begins. “I know that you get upset…” his mother will start BUT…When you have a wild teen – you have to deal with the out of control teen FIRST. PERIOD. And the killer does NOT DESERVE any attention. It only encourages the next nut who is starving for attention nd we all know that bad attention is better than no attention.
So Media you are not only part of the problem – you are not assuming the adult role!

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