Milton’s Paradise Lost

Milton portrayed the devil as begin more intriguing than God.  His depiction of evil explained why.  Evil is livelier.  Evil is more dynamic.  Evil is an action figure.  BUT WE THE READERS of the press ARE ALSO TO BLAME for being intrigued by EVIL.  It is ironic that we all need happy endings and that Hollywood is Hollywood because of the happy endings they provide us but THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING after a school shooting.  AND WE -ALL OF US- NEED TO BOYCOTT THE NEWS.  IF the media did not get higher ratings after a school shooting, THEN they would lose money and interest.  THEN THE PERPETRATORS would NOT GET THEIR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME AND GLORY.  You know these perpetrators are terrorists, in their own style, and the less attention they get, THE LESS THE DESIRE TO IMITATE THEM.  So IF  we REALLY want to cut back on gun violence and we cannot fight the gun lobbyists, THEN WE NEED TO FIGHT THE MEDIA AND GET THEM ON OUR SIDE.  Right now it looks to me as if the MEDIA IS DOING THE GUN LOBBYISTS WORK FOR THEM.


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