You cannot make this up!  For the past several years I have been coloring my hair in a one-step process. It saved time and money. But the last time I did it, my hair came out too red and competed with my complexion. I was not happy.  I let my hair go natural wavy, slightly curly and decided I would go blond again. I did half a head of highlights.  That was YESTERDAY!  TODAY, the conductor on the train was collecting tickets.  As a senior, you can buy one on the train without penalty.  I told him where I was going and that I was a senior.  He looked incredulous and asked me TWICE if I was really a senior.  I told him that he made my day and that I would stop by a bar and see if they would card me!   I don’t think he ever looked at my face.  That is the POWER OF BLOND!

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