THE MARILYN MOVIE HIT LIST SONG from Phil’s JFK in CRISIS. Where were you in 1962? Bill Persky of Kate and Allie fame called the lyrics “brilliant.” Need a lyricist anyone?

These are my lyrics from Phil’s show.  Bill Persky called them “brilliant” and he had them published in the MSK anthology three years ago.  Hollywood, BUZZFeed – take notice:

Marilyn’s Movie List Lyrics by Jacqueline Becker copyright 2017

I’m hot

It’s my spot 

And we know that 

Some Like It Hot

I am flirty, bubbly, sassy, fun.

We all know that:

Gentlemen Always Prefer Blondes

I do for him

What Viagra does for you men

Seen my movie, Niagara? 

See it again.

I’m hot.

She’s not

She is cold and distant

She’s in Virginia

A debutante

A Brunette

An Aristocrat-

With too much etiquette.

The President is a Prince

And I am his Showgirl

He will be mine and we’ll tell the whole world

It’s six years plus  

And he’s got the Seven Year Itch

But who’s counting?

I know how to marry really rich

Take your best shot

Something’s got to give

Step aside- Washington is MY Bus Stop

The Prez and I are no Misfits

Because together

An icon and a legend will live forever


An icon and a legend will live forever.

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