It’s not about the writing

It is about the stories behind the writing.  Writing is just storytelling.  You write .  You put a book out there in the world.  But I have learned that is not enough.  You have to speak.  You have to put yourself out there and tell your stories.  You have to be the mouthpiece, the voice.  People may or may not buy your book but they will turn out to hear you talk.  And the audience has to be with you and you have to be one with them.  It is magical when it goes well.  You rise above yourself and the audience carries you.  I used to be afraid to be a public speaker.  I was a teacher.  I have learned to drop the teachable moments and connect – not by trying, by just telling my story the way it is.  Storytelling predated writing and it will last longer than writing.  Storytelling is the way we connected, connect, and will always connect.

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