So you spend a few minutes regretting that you did not have more children.  You know that competition is a good thing and you suspect that capitalism was born out of children vying for their parents’ love? affection? pride? attention?  But when there is no competition, it is a monopoly and my one child holds all the cards.

So what do you do?  Well, I made a SANE Thanksgiving meal, a one-course meal:  Turkey Tenderloins done to perfection, roasted parsnips and carrots, roasted asparagus, and my special cranberry-orange sauce.  Half a plate of veggies just as the dietician ordered.  No extra calories.  No need to pass on the desserts because I did not make any.  My dietician will be very proud of me.  She just happens to be younger and thinner than my daughter and she gives me a solid hour of undivided attention.   (Yes, of course my insurance is paying her).

So then what do you do?  We went to the movies – but not just any movie theater.  We went to an AMC theater and saw the Mr. Rogers movie in the extra spacious reclining seats.

Now in all fairness to my daughter, she is overwhelmed at work.  But I am not the kind of mother who just lets her do all the work.  I give way more than I take so after great consideration, I let myself wonder how my daughter will feel when her kids do not invite her for Thanksgiving.   I mean, I would have cooked and hosted and cleaned up if my daughter had just said:  “I can’t do it.”  instead of saying:  “I booked a hotel for Thanksgiving.  I need to get away,”  without adding:  “Would you like to join?”


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