Nothing makes sense.  IF we need to be at 6 foot spreads and we need to not be close enough for a cough or a sneeze or an accidental spit to make contact with us, we need to SHUT THE SCHOOLS DOWN.

If we are so worried about FEEDING THE KIDS FREE BREAKFAST, then the kids could come and get BREAKFAST TO GO.

IF we NEED to avoid crowded conditions THEN THE SUBWAYS NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. PERIOD.

So, what I see is what we know we should be doing vs. WHAT IS CONVENIENT to do.  Which means it is a total DO -IT- YOURSELF, MAKE IT UP AS YOU GO PANDEMIC.


JUST WING IT.  Pick from the smorgasbord.

Which can explain why our friends, a couple in their late 70s, are taking a LONG PLANE RIDE, which the CDC specifically warned against, to visit a 95 year old dear friend but they will NOT eat out at any restaurant because without workers getting sick pay, they feel they are endangering their lives by taking a chance that the food will be prepped and/or served by a Coronavirus carrying employee.

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