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When I was working, we would look at real estate every place we vacationed.  Now I realize that we were just trying to prolong the vacation by pretending to make it last forever.  I can no longer pretend anything anymore.  I will never be rich.  The way the stock market plummeted, I may never be able to eat.  But, I still have my escape valve.

Mine is having the 3 s’s:  A soup, salad, and smoothie stand.  I do not like cooking per se. But I really enjoy making soups and salads and I especially love making smoothies.  I start my day with a smoothie.  I use the Vega Protein Shake as its base.  Today, in honor of my fall birthday, we invented a new flavor- Sweet Potato.  Instead of making the flavor base a banana, we added a peeled roasted sweet potato.   We added plenty of cinnamon, almond milk, non fat plain Greek Yogurt, and blueberries.  It tasted like pumpkin pie.  It tasted healthy.  It tasted rich and it filled us up.

To Health!

The Joys of Having a Granddaughter

When I was a young girl, I used to love boys’ toys:  railroad sets, construction sets, building blocks, toy trucks.  But I always got dolls and doll related toys – as hand-me-downs from my older girl cousins.

Well, having a grandson satisfied my desire for boy toys.  I bought every kind of truck out there.  Was I buying them for him or for me?

Now that I have a granddaughter, I am back to dolls.  She loves to play with her brother’s toys.  But the look in her eyes when I showed her how to make a paper doll said it all!  We go through all my stuff, we design, we cut, we paste.  We spend hours together and well, we enjoy the girl thing we share!


I was taking care of my grandson because he was home from school.  He was not sick but he had pink eye.  We agreed that he would play on his computer on his breaks from math work, writing, and reading.  But he did NOT WANT to do school work.  And he is very dramatic.  And he is manipulative ( because he is smart).  And he wants to be in control  (because he is smart).  And he LOVES to complain (because he is smart and he knows an adult can only tolerate so much).  And once you open the door to expressive freedom, it is hard to stop what everyone knows is coming next.  Only I wasn’t in the mood for the dramatic temper tantrum and I was not going to placate it.

Instead, I offered him tea with honey.  We used up whatever honey was left in the jar.  It was one of those honey bear jars.  And I got an idea.  I told him we were going to to do something fun.  We searched the apartment for baking soda and vinegar.

We washed the honey bear and dried it.  We filled it halfway with baking soda.  We took the little plastic piece that modulates the flow of the honey and put the lid back on.  With the lid open, I poured th vinegar into the little hole.  AND SWEET LITTLE, CUTE LITTLE, HONEY BEAR BLEW HIS STACK!

“Now every time you have to do work, we will the honey bear blow his stack, instead of you blowing yours,” I said. And so  the honey bear and some simple chemical reaction became our anger management tool!

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Just the name Montauk evokes images of summers at the shore.  And yet it is OCTOBER and while all my other perennials are dead or need to be dead-headed, there are two bushes of Montauk daisies that have just bloomed.  They are my Indian summer perennials that help the summer linger just a little longer before my garden gets put to bed for its long winter sleep.  I took cuttings from my girlfriend’s yard who has taken cuttings from mine.  Two years ago, you could barely see them above the ground.  Last year, they grew but did not flower.   NOW there they stand, a pop of summer amidst the brown.  They are the highlight of my fall garden and I thank them every morning when I look out and see them bloom when all the others have faded.

Letting Go

Personally, I would rather repurpose than recycle.  It is more of a guarantee that the item will actually be used again.  I am trying to do everything right:  lose weight, reign in the money, exercise enough, balance my work with my play, reign in the waste, care for our planet, spend more time with my family…LOL!  But I do care.  So, IF there is an artist out there, or an early ed specialist, or just a mom who needs to organize the kids’ small toys, and can use these containers (originally VEGA protein shake containers -see I told you, I AM trying – to no avail), please message me.

In an earlier life, I wanted to run children’s art programs and these would be great for paint, for water, for clay, for buttons, for threads.  But I am in my later life and yet, I find it hard to recycle them rather than repurpose them.  If I find it hard to let go of these, can you just image?IMG_5589 2