ANOTHER GREAT REVIEW but not on Amazon yet!

“I purchased the book on Amazon which arrived in 2 days.  Laughing (and crying all the way). Your honesty, humor and love of life with all its bitter-sweet contradictions and challenges, is apparent on every page.”

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THE SYSTEM WORKS!!! See comment just posted on Amazon. You have to scroll down below the ad!!! Very tricky, Amazon!


I highly recommend and encourage women to read “Raging Against Aging” by Jacqueline Becker! Delightful, funny and realistic! An easy read and perfect for relaxing . A laugh out loud book that many of us can relate to as we age. Includes perspectives of the good, bad and ugly aspects of life that we will all experience one day….in a most humorous way! I love that Jacqueline might not remember her contemporaries names in her exercise class but can name their ailments as they stretch and kvetch! I know what book to purchase for my friends for those milestone birthdays and upcoming holidays!

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Since Friday, 26 people have purchased my book…I hope whoever you are, you enjoy the read…IF you have laughed and

cried with me, screamed and kicked with me, stretched and kvetched with me, please leave a review on Amazon.  Kindle version will be available some time next week.  They are just formatting it now.  IF you enjoyed my book, please consider purchasing it as a holiday gift.  What is a better gift than laughter?



I AM ON THE PODCAST -guest of Rabbi Address. INTERVIEW about my book

If you go to you will see that I am the featured guest of Rabbi Address.  He interviews me for 26 minutes about my new book:  RAGING AGAINST AGING kicking & screaming, laughing & crying, stretching & kvetching.  Available NOW on and Kindle.

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON.COM OR AMAZON PRIME!!!!!!!  Search for Raging Against Aging.

Is it just me or is there something screwy about these surveys?

surveys.jpegI called my health insurance company to ask them to send me claims forms.  The woman who answered my call said she would request to have them emailed to me and have the team put hard copies in the mail as back-up.

THEN she asked me to answer a few questions about how she performed.

I asked her – Would Amazon ask you to write a review about a product you have not yet received?  Would you review a dentist on yelp that you never even went to?  Would you write a review about shoes you never even saw, let alone tried on and bought?  Would you review a doctor who never checked you?

I told her I would gladly take a survey on her performance AFTER I receive those forms!



The Surprise in the Amazon Package

Usually the items in the boxes are enrichment toys or educational books that I buy for my grandson.  But clearly this box is too big. Oh – I see – when take out the packing materials.  There they are, the six lumbar support pillows I decided we needed. 

The two black ones look sharp against the white shams on the guest bed that is housed in the second bedroom.

The four white lumbar pillows are a problem.  They do help make the dining room chairs more comfortable.  We do need the additional support.  But they stick out like sore thumbs.  They catch your eye.   Old people live here, they say.