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A funny, honest , straight forward look into the glory of aging. Jackie presents us with a mirror into our own lives as we laugh and sometimes even choke up as we travel along on her shoulder as she traverses the terrains of loving, caring, maintaining , organizing the comfortable, scary moments to moments of getting older with pizzaz. A book , once you pick up, you read through to the end where everyone is stitched back together to create her loving family.
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The Surprise in the Amazon Package

Usually the items in the boxes are enrichment toys or educational books that I buy for my grandson.  But clearly this box is too big. Oh – I see – when take out the packing materials.  There they are, the six lumbar support pillows I decided we needed. 

The two black ones look sharp against the white shams on the guest bed that is housed in the second bedroom.

The four white lumbar pillows are a problem.  They do help make the dining room chairs more comfortable.  We do need the additional support.  But they stick out like sore thumbs.  They catch your eye.   Old people live here, they say.