I don’t know if it is word of mouth or if it is the deadline of the holiday but…

I am selling more books on amazon and kindle.  And at this point, I do not know the buyers.  So, thank you all for your support because creative people NEED support.  And remember that I am giving back to Memorial Sloan Kettering because we are part of their family.  For now, I got two good reports yesterday.  Have you seen AVENUE Q?   If you have not, PLEASE do yourself a favor and youtube it! These are the lyrics:

{Why does everything have to be so hard?
Maybe you’ll never find your purpose
Lots of people don’t
But then I don’t even know why I’m alive
Well, who does, really?}

Everyone’s a little bit unsatisfied
Everyone goes ’round a little empty inside
Take a breath, look around
Swallow your pride for now
(For now)

Nothing lasts, life goes on
Full of surprises
You’ll be faced with problems
Of all shapes and sizes

You’re going to have to make
A few compromises for now
For now

But only for now
(For now)
Only for now
(For now)
Only for now
(For now)
Only for now

For now we’re healthy
For now we’re employed
For now we’re happy
If not overjoyed

And we’ll accept the things
We cannot avoid, for now, for now
For now, for now

But only for now
(For now)
Only for now
(For now)
Only for now
(For now)
Only for now

Only for now
(For now there’s life)
Only for now
(For now there’s love)
Only for now
(For now there’s work)
For now there’s happiness

But only for now
(For now discomfort)
But only for now
(But now there’s friendship)
Only for now
(For now)
Only for now

Only for now, sex
Is only for now, your hair
Is only for now, George Bush
Is only for now

Don’t stress, relax
Let life roll off your backs
Except for death and paying taxes
Everything in life is only for now

Each time you smile
(Only for now)
It’ll only last a while
(Only for now)
Life may be scary
(Only for now)
But it’s only temporary

Everything in life is only for now

16 days to CHANUKAH and people who DO NOT KNOW ME are buying my book!!!




I spent many years redoing and upgrading our small house. We did it room by room so we were under construction for what seemed like forever. Then – we upgraded and added a closet, an office area and another closet, and finally a second full bath. As a retirement present to myself, we got rid of the commercial carpeting and horrible linoleum floor that was covering our main living area and had light maple wood flooring installed. Now whenever something has to be updated, and doesn’t something ALWAYS have to be updated when you have a house, I try really hard to ignore it. I don’t want to do that anymore. BUT just as I am giving up on my house, I have a NEW PROJECT to fill that void. It is more affordable and I still get to pick out furnishing and decorate. Thank goodness for GRANDDAUGHTERS!
I am buying DOLL furnishings! See the photo? I tiled around the bath. I made the shower curtain and I found scrapbook paper with a water theme that I put in the tub and toilet bowel. I know the bathroom needs a paint job but this is a paint job I do not have to stand on a ladder to complete. I ordered battery operated tea lights and am going to try to hang one upside down to serve as a light fixture. Once the paint is dry, I will have to decided whether or not to tile the floor.
When I finish the bathroom, I will go onto the kitchen. I already have a brick wall for the living room because, hey, I would love to live in a NYC loft. I am going around collecting carpet samples – not for myself but in order to find the perfect color and style for this NYC loft space that belongs to HABA 4-inch bendable dolls!



What gift do you value?  What gift would you like to receive?  Winter is coming.  The days are shorter.  I am blogging on wordpress so I have to assume, but you know the danger in that, that words and books are something you hold onto, cherish.   Me, I would love to receive a good book in a cellophane wrapped basket with maybe a Starbuck’s or tea theme.  I like coffee in the morning.  I like to stay in bed on cold, dreary mornings, under the blanket, sipping and reading.  Me, I like herbal tea.  I like to get into bed early and sip and read under the blankets.   In between, I am out and about and running around.  I try to exercise and I cook lots of soups.  But the early and late times are luxurious in retirement, in the winter.   So, with 18 days  left to Chanukah and and 29 left till Christmas, why run around like a chicken without a head shopping in the malls?  Why hassle with parking and lines and throngs and mobs?  Why not order a good book like RAGING AGAINST AGING  or any other on http://www.Amazon.com or Kindle and go to your local Starbuck’s or tea house and put together a thoughtful, cozy present for that special friend or relative?



I will be on PATV out of Great Neck on Dec. 12th at 8 PM. Details to follow.

I was invited by my blog master, to talk about my book RAGING AGAINST AGING on her show SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.   THOSE OF YOU ON THE FENCE ABOUT BUYING MY BOOK, PLEASE TUNE IN.  YOU MAY DECIDE BUY MORE THAN ONE.  YOU MAY DECIDE THAT THEY ARE THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOUR FRIEND, SISTER, SISTER-IN-LAW, MOTHER, MOTHER-IN-LAW, OR GRANDMA.  Men have read my book and have approved.  Non-Jewish women have read my book and identified.    People who do not know me have read my book and have given me the thumbs up.  I am you and I write about what it is REALLY like to be sixty-plus.


Another five star review. Thank you!

It was filled with humorous experiences and also sad ones. I enjoyed reading it, learning that as my grandmother said, “Getting old is hard work!”

Nothing comes easy, and especially not aging. Thank you to this reader/reviewer who got my book!

Click on look inside on http://www.amazon.com RAGING AGAINST AGING.  For the 60 + crowd.  Think:  HOLIDAY GIFT!


YOU CAN LOOK INSIDE! Read the TABLE OF CONTENTS and preview the beginning of chapter 1. See for yourself! Give the gift of laughter and buy as holiday gifts!

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Another one! Thank you!

“Jackie hits “the nail on the head” with this very funny, true to this passage of life, collection of anecdotal short stories. It makes the perfect gift for all my peers! I’ve already shared it with dozens of very appreciative recipients worldwide! EVERYONE will LOVE this easy and amusing, uplifting ,cheerful
read!  A great view on aging that we can all relate to. Yeh!!!!!! Well done Jackie Becker!”



A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

Ok.  So what did I get my little grandson for the holidays in order to keep our culture alive?  A PIC IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!


Because I believe so passionately in education, I put it together with these books:


If you aren’t into T-Rex, you might consider this one: