Our freezer is stocked with frozen fruits and vegetables because those are perishable.  I cooked a little and froze a dish or two.  We keep the car tank full although they are now telling us to stay home.  We already have cabin fever even though this was a very mild winter (but there is no global warming, right?)  What will we do?

I will cook.  I hate to clean and I doubt coronavirus will change that.  Will I want my cleaning lady to come?  Hmmm…Her son works in the City as a first responder.  Too close for comfort?  I will put off thinking about that one for a bit.

I have to get my roots dyed.  Should I go to the salon that I know is frequented by people from Asia and the Mideast?   Hmmm… My husband, the eternal optimist, has already nixed that idea so I am toying with DIY – doing my roots myself.

What will we do if decide to skip the gym for the duration of this period?  Well, I could draw and paint and make a mess but who will clean it up?  I could watch the news and eat myself to death.  I can use the time to DIY garden.  Hmmm….

IF we survive physically, will we survive as a couple if we are holed up for a long period of time?  Hmmm….My husband may want sex nonstop for entertainment.  He is in his late 70s…Hmmm….