So our geriatric internist sent us blood pressure cuffs and electronic devices that will record our daily blood pressure and send results electronically to our doctor for monitoring. During set up, the machine talks to you like she thinks she is Alexa. So now, we have added b p cuffs – one for each of us, and the electronic computer that monitors and sends the info onto doc, along with the grab bar poles, and the lift assist, and the walker, and the three canes, and the dry mouth lozenges, that now decorate our living room/dining room. It’s beginning to look very geriatric every single day. It’s beginning to look very geriatric every way I turn…

It’s beginning to look geriatric, every where you turn…

Yes, we are getting geriatric altogether, me, my husband, and our house. We just installed a floor-to-ceiling pole. Not for me to dance on, although one day if I get dementia, I just may. It’s so that my husband can grab onto it in order to get in and out of bed. He is suffering, according to the doctors, from the condition called “deconditioning,” which means his muscles are weak.

When we looked at recliners, we skipped over the ones that catapult you across the room. Sure, it would be easier for my husband but the goal is to strengthen, not weaken the already weakened muscles.

We just ordered a lift assist, a device that is supposed to help me help my husband to lift himself when he gets stuck in a chair.

My husband’s occupational therapist comes up with all these gadgets and devices, devices that make me realize that he is not the only one who needs assistance, that he is not the only one aging.

My pillbox that now occupies our dining room table reminds me that he is not aging alone and all these devices that now reside in my house, are a constant reminder that we are getting old altogether.


There are benefits to publishing that no one really talks about.  It opens the door to a whole new world of networking.  You have put yourself out there and others who have done so, recognize it.  THANK YOU to CARYN ISAACS, Patient Advocate, who invited me (and my husband by default), to a networking party of SUN-Q.  I learned a whole new vocabulary yesterday  – the vocabulary of SUN-Q.  There are people in place, out there, to help with elder care- all the different resources that are available – in Queens but they exist in Brooklyn, on Long Island.  They are a phone call away.

My book RAGING AGAINST AGING  was the raffle prize.  And I was there, as its author.

THANK YOU AGAIN!  Your parents do not need to age alone.  And our generation put in place a safety net so that we will not have to age alone, either.  Let’s hear it for the Boomers!