We saw the dietician on Thurs. On Fri…

We saw the dietician on Thurs. and with her voice and instructions really fresh in our brains, we went immediately to the gym and exercised.  Then we went directly to Whole Foods and shopped.  That is when I bought EVERY vegetable I recognized.

On Friday my granddaughter came to spend the day as she was off and everyone else had work.  It was pouring out.  What does a grandmother and granddaughter do together on a rainy day?  Of course, we baked!  We made – and here is an inadvertent plug for Simple Mills Chocolate Cake and Muffin Mix.   I am and have been gluten free these past five years.   Of course I sent my granddaughter home with cupcakes for everyone.  BUT…we kept four for ourselves.  (Best gluten free product I have found to date.)

Sh!!!!! Please don’t tell our dietician.  We did eat half a plate of cauliflower for dinner last night.  We did have small portions of red lentil spaghetti (the Whole Foods 365 brand is gluten free and tastes really good).  We did have baked salmon.

BUT, we DID have a chocolate muffin!!!!


I don’t know what you grew up eating.  In my home, we had a meat or poultry, a baked potato, and frozen steamed veggies.  Yeah, those veggies lacked something called flavor!  So did the potato but we were able to doctor it.  Come to think of it, so did the meat, before we discovered salt and pepper.  Herbs?  That was a name of a few uncles. We grew up with the food pyramid and we ate those 7 grains daily.

Well, now, in our later years, we are at the dietician (who is one step above the nutritionist and Medicare will pay).  And this is what we have to eat – not just at dinner – but for every meal and snack:  VEGETABLES!

My husband NEVER ate anything green before.  This is RADICAL!  When I told my daughter that we have to cut back on costs because of the stock market nose dive, she said that Vegan eating is cheaper.  That would kill two birds with one stone – increase vegetable and cut down on money. Besides, if we shrink our stomachs, we will even eat LESS and thus, save even more money.  BUT we have earned the right to be overweight! We have earned the right to feel full all day long!  Haven’t we?

Well, I filled my shopping cart with all the vegetables I recognized.  Here’s to vegetable soup following by HALF a plate of salad, followed by carrots for dessert!



The EVERYDAY things

We still work part time.  The cars need maintenance.  There is a  schedule of oil changes and tire rotations.


There are the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors.  Their batteries need to be replaced at least once a year.  The devices, themselves, need to be replaced every five years.


We need to eat.  Which means the dishes and pots and pans need to be washed.  Then they need to be put away.  We have to go food shopping.  We have to load the bags into the car and unload them when we get home.  We have to put all the food away – in the fridge, in the pantry. 

Laundry has to be washed, dried, folded or hung, and put away.  We have to drop off and pick up the dry cleaning.

Then there is the mail.  The bills that must be paid.  The checkbook that must be balanced.  The junk mail that must get shredded.  The emails that must be answered.  The spam that must be deleted.  The trash that has to be emptied. The phone calls that must be returned.

This is what I mean by maintenance.  HOW THE F–K DID I EVER WORK?   I AM a full time job!