THE WRITING PROGRAM AT MSK is getting notice. Check it out – My GOTCHA! is part of this anthology.

If you click on the link or go to MSK – Visible Ink – you can donate to the cause.  The anthology costs $25.00 and it is all work by Cancer patients who work with famous writers to get their work to professional level.  It is not only the body that must heal, it is the mind and soul, too.

My essay GOTCHA , where I talk to my grandson’s knee, is part of this anthology.




Mother’s Day is here!  We have an unusual tradition that my daughter invented.  My daughter and I celebrate Mother’s Day together the day before Mother’s Day.   She devotes almost the entire day and we spend it together doing girl things.  We chit chat over tea.  We buy junk jewelry.  We wander in and out and about town.  We sit down to lunch.  We get reflexology.  It is truly a great gift because my daughter is so busy.  I have to thank my son-in-law and my grandkids for sparing their mom for the entire day.  It makes us feel younger – like when my daughter was in high school.

On the real Mother’s Day, my daughter is the mother that her children celebrate.

She brought me a card and flowers and asked my granddaughter and grandson to sign.  My granddaughter sent me a “jewel.”  My grandson who is older and can write, refused to sign.

“It’s Mother’s Day,” the six year old lawyer inside him said.  “It’s not Grandmother’s Day,” he explained.

And the more I think about it, the more I respect his judgement to honor his Mother on this day!  And my daughter promised me that he will get me a card on Grandparents day!








My five year old grandson made this out of Legos without instruction.  I asked him what it was.  He answered  “A crab.  See?  It goes sideways (Look and you will see the wheels or feet).  The flags are its eyes and see the pinchers?”  Immediately I thought about Picasso’s bicycle seat and handlebars bull.  This lego crab is quite ingenious and I am so proud.  But why am I also apprehensive?  Because my husband and I are both creative and everyone we know who is creative, struggles to make a living.   Our life insurance agent, who is totally substantive, our Orkin inspector, who is adorable and solid…Well it turns out, the former was a  research scientist, that is, until his grant was recalled.  And the latter was an almost famous animator with ties to Disney, whose work was recognized but then a project was pulled.  We went to the Herricks Musical Revue.  The talent was AMAZING!  The singers were BROADWAY quality.  So, why do some people “make it,” and others keep at it at night, in their basements, after a full day’s work, always frustrated?  And why do I applaud these dreamers and why am I one of them?  And why do we say we want creative students in our classrooms and yet we have them (including my grandson) coloring on color sheets and instructing them to be neat and color within the lines?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? This is a question to all who read my book.

My blog master read my book.  She is suggesting that I turn this into theater – a one or two or three women play.

What do you think? Please answer if you have read my book.

Another five star review. Thank you!

It was filled with humorous experiences and also sad ones. I enjoyed reading it, learning that as my grandmother said, “Getting old is hard work!”

Nothing comes easy, and especially not aging. Thank you to this reader/reviewer who got my book!

Click on look inside on RAGING AGAINST AGING.  For the 60 + crowd.  Think:  HOLIDAY GIFT!


YOU CAN LOOK INSIDE! Read the TABLE OF CONTENTS and preview the beginning of chapter 1. See for yourself! Give the gift of laughter and buy as holiday gifts!

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on October 25, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
This book is nuch too short, which is the only thing I have againt it. Short, pithy chapters, full of wisdom and wit and always with a little twist that moves you deeply and makes you reflect back about your own experiene. Take for example the hilariously funny and so poignant chapter about Becker’s mother. At the age of 87, sufferring from Parkinson’s disease and living in an assisted-living facility, she meets a younger, 84-year-old wrack of a man and they happily get married. Ms Becker dubs him G.I. Joe, because he had served in the Korean War. He makes serious plans to take his bride out of the facility after the wedding and move in with his daughter-in-law. Sadly, that was not to be, becuase G.I. Joe died of a broken heart – “he wanted his manhood and independence back so badly” (p. 35). Or take the “Shoes Again” chapter, which develops from what seems to be a frivolous, girlish preoccupation with footwear into a major lesson in human relationship, in fact leading to the most significant relationship of Ms Becker’s life, with her future second husband. “I am a woman, and therefore, I am defined by my footwear. How do I know? Because once, when I started a new job, a whole year and three months passed before a colleague spoke to me, and the first words she ever said to me were, ‘Oh, what cute shoes!'” Everything they say about the book in rhe reviews is spot on. But it’s much more than enjoyable, it is also a hugely satisfying book. Read it with close attention and you will get a lot of good tips for your own life changes. We do hope to hear more o Jacqueline Becker in the future.