I will be on PATV out of Great Neck on Dec. 12th at 8 PM. Details to follow.

I was invited by my blog master, to talk about my book RAGING AGAINST AGING on her show SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.   THOSE OF YOU ON THE FENCE ABOUT BUYING MY BOOK, PLEASE TUNE IN.  YOU MAY DECIDE BUY MORE THAN ONE.  YOU MAY DECIDE THAT THEY ARE THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOUR FRIEND, SISTER, SISTER-IN-LAW, MOTHER, MOTHER-IN-LAW, OR GRANDMA.  Men have read my book and have approved.  Non-Jewish women have read my book and identified.    People who do not know me have read my book and have given me the thumbs up.  I am you and I write about what it is REALLY like to be sixty-plus.



Are book lovers really such a minority?  When my daughter was little, I would take her to the local book shop to purchase a book before we went to the supermarket to purchase foods and toiletries.  The holidays are coming up.  How little can you spend for those little gifts you have to buy?  Can you buy anything for less than $ 12.99?  What can you get for $ 12.99?  Hand creams and soaps?

WHY do we not think twice about hand cream and soaps but hesitate about giving the gift of laughter?  A book?  A CD that makes you giggle in the car?   Why would those not be the obvious choices?

I suggest going to http://www.amazon.com and searching for Danny Lobell’s THE NICEST BOY IN BARCELONA and for my RAGING AGAINST AGING.

Dare to be different.  Give a gift of creativity and thought. GIVE THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER!