I blogged about “to declutter or not to declutter, that is the question.” I came to the conclusion that I must declutter. I threw out NINE bags of books that were OLD, worn, torn and just out-of-date. I could not tell. It did not make a difference. I still do not have any extra shelf space.
I had the gardener trim and deadhead the perennials in the front yard. The garden does not look any less full. I am on a diet. I still cannot shed a pound. I donated all the clothes in my closet that I have not worn in the last two years. I still do not have any extra hangers, nor do I have any extra hanging space. So, what have I accomplished? In addition, I have gone back to old hobbies – writing and drawing. Now I have piles of projects—some I am finishing off, like my book, others that are I am in the middle of, like two children’s book I am working on, some I am collecting as ideas. In addition, I became interested in I met a second cousin I never knew existed and now I have two folders — one for my paternal ancestors and one for my maternal ones. My husband, who is a history guy, saw my collection of photos and articles and he became interested. Now we are making a folder for his ancestors. My grandson is in kindergarten and he has already created lots of drawings and a few samples of writing that my daughter simply must keep but has no space, and so we are now collecting his work. My granddaughter, who is two, has the “What am I chopped liver?” attitude, so we are now collecting her work.
My plan was to retire and SIMPLIFY.
Is life complicated or is it just me?


images-1In my late fifties I was still multi tasking at work and at home.  My kitchen is literally in the middle of my house.  The laundry is right on the other side. 

I used to cook, roast, run the dishwasher, wash a load, dry a load, turn on the coffee pot, boil water in the electric tea kettle – all – simultaneously.  I was the master of doing it all and all at once. 

But one day “it” happened.  I had put a load of laundry in the washer and decided I wanted a cup of herbal tea.  I heard the noise of water and  I poured myself a cup of tea. But the tea in the teabag was still intact and the water was cold.  My first thought was that the kettle had broken.  I turned it over to see where it was made. Then I heard the noise again.  I could not identify it at first but as I turned  around, I saw it was my washing machine.   I had never even plugged the tea kettle in.  Clearly, I can only do ONE machine at a time now.