images.jpg  Have you noticed that your mate is getting crazier and crazier as he ages?  Have you realized that you are running low on patience for their nuttiness?  My husband truly believes that MY book RAGING AGAINST AGING is all about HIM!  He tells everyone, and believes it, that the funniest parts in the book are about HIM.   Well, it is true the book is A LOT about our relationship.  It is true that SOME of the parts about him are funny.  HOWEVER,  I guarantee some of the funniest parts are NOT about him – but they do come out of MY brain and mouth!


MY (unproofed) BOOK ARRIVED!

IMG_3473 3.JPG

I came home to find my (unproofed) book in my mailbox.  It is weird to hold a book I have written.  My mother would tell me that my father would be so proud.  He revered books.  AND THIS WHOLE JOURNEY STARTED RIGHT HERE – on wordpress – in the form of a blog; a blog I started to keep my sanity, or at least the part of it that was left.  So thank you  Thank you to the people who invented and perfected the computer.  Thank you to Microsoft Words for Word.  Thank you to Apple for the MacBook Pro.  Thank you to Amazon for filling a void.  Thank you to my Oceanside Union School District for providing me with the stories the children told.  Thank you to my friends and colleagues for listening and laughing all these years to my stories.  You encouraged me without knowing it.  Thank you to the School of Hard Knocks for providing me with more than a lifetime of experiences.  Thank you to the Facebook group Belarus Genealogy and Ancestral Travel for your outpouring of comments on a small post I wrote on the website.  After 76 people responded, my husband told me that post should be a chapter.  So, I dedicate chapter 7, JEWISH GENEALOGY to you.   Thank you to the Facebook group Yiddish Shmaltz, Shmooze, and everything Jewish.  When I posted questions about Yiddish words I remembered but was unsure of, you answered my questions, thus, contributing to my book.  They are sprinkled throughout the book as I could not find any good alternatives.  Thank you to Pratt Institute for the training I received as a designer.  I learned that form must follow function and how to organize space.  A book is blank space that needs to be filled and organized.  It must serve a purpose.  Thank you to Yeshiva of Flatbush for the deep, if rather orthodox and rigid, education.  You gave me a fabulous foundation in critical thinking.  Thank you to everyone who has touched my life.  Whether you knew it or not – I WAS listening!


I am overweight.  I am also over sixty.  I had an family event I was planning to attend.  There was no way I was going to weigh less.  I looked at my face.  There were lines everywhere.  Botox would be expensive and too close to my brain.  I did the next best thing.  I called my dentist and made an appointment to get my teeth bleached.  The procedure was quick and easy and erased years of yellow that had stained my teeth and left them with a matte finish.  My pearly whites sparkled and gleamed.  They were lustrous. I felt GOOD.  And my dentist thanked me!48789WideModern_WhiteTeeth_131023.jpg

I Don’t Know Why and I Cannot Explain

How can an educated and bright woman go to a rainforest and be surprised that it was raining in the rain forest?  How can a bright and educated woman with experience go to a desert environment and be shocked that there are no shade trees?

And who might that bright and educated, experienced woman be?

!imgres imagesOH!   THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!


the-ehlers-group-senior-housing-marketing-approach-1Does the title strike you as being odd?  I mean, I have been blogging about NOT being able to focus and concentrate.  AND my title is RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM THE 60s because that is ALL I have now – RANDOM thoughts.  And yet, my husband insists that IF I am to try to format this into a play and IF I am to try to get the play out there, we will need a “Senior focus group”  to test the waters.   I am asking you to sign up now either on word press or on Facebook if you think you may want to participate but are afraid you may forget what it is all about by the time I am ready to form a “Senior focus group.”

All the best to all my readers!