My five year old grandson made this out of Legos without instruction.  I asked him what it was.  He answered  “A crab.  See?  It goes sideways (Look and you will see the wheels or feet).  The flags are its eyes and see the pinchers?”  Immediately I thought about Picasso’s bicycle seat and handlebars bull.  This lego crab is quite ingenious and I am so proud.  But why am I also apprehensive?  Because my husband and I are both creative and everyone we know who is creative, struggles to make a living.   Our life insurance agent, who is totally substantive, our Orkin inspector, who is adorable and solid…Well it turns out, the former was a  research scientist, that is, until his grant was recalled.  And the latter was an almost famous animator with ties to Disney, whose work was recognized but then a project was pulled.  We went to the Herricks Musical Revue.  The talent was AMAZING!  The singers were BROADWAY quality.  So, why do some people “make it,” and others keep at it at night, in their basements, after a full day’s work, always frustrated?  And why do I applaud these dreamers and why am I one of them?  And why do we say we want creative students in our classrooms and yet we have them (including my grandson) coloring on color sheets and instructing them to be neat and color within the lines?