Another five star review. Thank you!

It was filled with humorous experiences and also sad ones. I enjoyed reading it, learning that as my grandmother said, “Getting old is hard work!”

Nothing comes easy, and especially not aging. Thank you to this reader/reviewer who got my book!

Click on look inside on RAGING AGAINST AGING.  For the 60 + crowd.  Think:  HOLIDAY GIFT!


YOU CAN LOOK INSIDE! Read the TABLE OF CONTENTS and preview the beginning of chapter 1. See for yourself! Give the gift of laughter and buy as holiday gifts!

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But we are on vacation and it is time for dinner.  I don’t know how my mind wandered all around like that.  I gently wake my husband up.  No matter how tired, no matter how long or short a nap he takes, no matter how well or how poorly he has slept, my husband always wakes up fully and he is always in a happy mood.  He is so sweet natured that I want to kiss him.  He might however, mistake this tender gesture, and we may never get to dinner.   I remember that once upon a time that flattered and excited me.   Two years before Shelley was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she had said to me in confidence:  “Now that the lovemaking is over, I just want to be loved.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  But now I just want to eat and sleep.  I want to be taken care of, too.

Are you just as tired?  Do you sometimes feel like YOU are the Amazon fulfillment center?  ( with your kids? your spouse? your parents if they are still alive?)   Do you crave pampering, too?o-OLD-SLEEPING-facebook