The Surprise in the Amazon Package

Usually the items in the boxes are enrichment toys or educational books that I buy for my grandson.  But clearly this box is too big. Oh – I see – when take out the packing materials.  There they are, the six lumbar support pillows I decided we needed. 

The two black ones look sharp against the white shams on the guest bed that is housed in the second bedroom.

The four white lumbar pillows are a problem.  They do help make the dining room chairs more comfortable.  We do need the additional support.  But they stick out like sore thumbs.  They catch your eye.   Old people live here, they say. 


Another box from Amazon Prime

When there are no Amazon delivery boxes lining the floors and after the recyclables are thrown out, my living room is perfect.  The positive space offsets the negative space and the negative space defines the positive space. Nothing is extraneous and everything feels balanced. This is my definition of feng shui.

I love to sit on my couch and let my mind wander. I have put so much of my soul into this space. It is quirky and peaceful;  happy and serene.

The door bell rings.  I open my front door to find yet one more box from Amazon prime that the mailman has left on my deck.  I cannot remember what I have purchased.  So many boxes come that I cannot believe that Amazon is losing money.  I think that should offer me stock instead of rewards points.

My husband may have an overactive bladder but I seem to be suffering from an overactive mind.  My thoughts flit from present to past and they ramble around trying to make sense of my being. 

I lug the box inside.  It is unusually big and I cannot fathom what I ordered.  It can’t be books.  It can’t be pajamas.  It can’t be my mascara which I ordered as a subscription, which means a new mascara will automatically be shipped to me every three months so I don’t have to think about when to replace it.  This is a brilliant idea as far as I am concerned.  So what on earth can be in this box?



Unknown-2                                   Unknown-1

I come home only to find boxes sitting on my deck.  It never fails.  Even with two day shipping, I forget that I bought anything at all.  In fact, my first response is WHO sent me all these presents?  For a few seconds, EVERYDAY is Christmas even though I celebrate Chanukah.  Then Is see “Amazon Fulfillment Center,” and I remember, that I may have ordered something.

I had spent an hour commuting to work and an hour commuting from work for 30 years.  If you do the math, that equals 40 extra hours a month or an extra full week of work. If I worked 11 months a years, that means that I “lost”  an extra 11 weeks of my life sitting behind the wheel. Multiply that by the thirty years I worked, and it comes to over SIX full years!!!! 

Towards retirement, I happily discovered Amazon Prime.  With just one click, I can order absolutely anything,  I don’t have to get in my car, drive, find a parking spot, spend or waste time wandering around, drive back.  I just have to click.  In fact, I don’t even have to go to the post office to send a gift.  I can just click and have anything shipped to anywhere.

Thinking about the trees that are being used for the packaging does not deter me. 


AND WHY IS COSTCO such a better company?  You have to drive to Costco.  You have to walk miles on concrete.  You have to buy in bulk.  You have to load your cart, unload at the register, reload the cart, put everything in your car because, while amazon is using up trees on packing materials, your groceries do not get bagged or packaged when you leave Costco.  You have to drive home, and then you have to drag everything in, item by item.