Finding my Cell Phone

There were times I could not find my cell phone and of course, I would call that number from my home phone.  But the times I needed to do that were few and far between.

Now I noticed that I call my cell phone several times a day.

searchIs that because I discovered it is a short cut worth taking?  Or is it because I cannot locate my phone more and more often?  I swear I cannot find my phone even when I KNOW for sure it is in my pocketbook!!!!



Does this title make any sense?  I mean, I forget things all the time.  I am absent minded maybe even a little senile. But think about it.  I am writing about all the things I forgot.  So, how is it that I don’t forget  the things I forgot and I remember to write about them?

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?


I Don’t Know Why and I Cannot Explain

How can an educated and bright woman go to a rainforest and be surprised that it was raining in the rain forest?  How can a bright and educated woman with experience go to a desert environment and be shocked that there are no shade trees?

And who might that bright and educated, experienced woman be?

!imgres imagesOH!   THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!


anxious 1 imagesYesterday evening, I warmed up the delicious flounder fillets I had prepared in the morning. I turned the oven on and when the fish was hot, I served dinner. SIX HOURS LATER, I was getting ready for bed and as I was turning out the lights in the kitchen, heat seemed to be emanating from the oven. I checked it – and it was still on the 325 degrees. I could have made a whole Thanksgiving feast in the hours I had, accidentally, left the oven on.

I fret when I do things like that because I have a reputation of being meticulous, responsible, reliable, OCD, anal, and a perfectionist.
“Am I getting senile?” I remembered to ask myself and my husband.

When I woke up this morning, I patted myself on the back for having gotten out to make it to my exercise class on time. I remembered to take my combination lock that I have not used for the past month. (Winter was fine until five weeks ago and after one storm and another and another and another, we stopped going to work out). I looked at the lock in my hand and could not remember the numbers. I tried two different combinations and got it my third try!
“So, I am not senile after all,” I laughed and turned to my husband.

“You should have written the numbers down,” he chided me. Then I remembered that I had, indeed, written down the combination in my cell phone. Only I had forgotten that I had ever done that.

Which counts more: what I remembered or what I forgot?