Maintaining my physical self in my 60s

I am trying to maintain my looks the best I can.  There is the hair stylist and the colorist.    I had hoped to be one of those women who can wear gray hair and look sophisticated and sexy.  I cannot.  The gray look only washes me out and highlights my wrinkles.  But I am suddenly afraid of the hair dyes.  So I get the so called ammonia free color.  I may try low lights next because then the color does not touch the scalp.  

There is the manicurist and the pedicurist. There is the threader because now I have unwanted facial hair that I see in the magnifying mirror. 

There is the trainer because I was sedentary for too many years. And the physical therapist to help me with my shoulders and neck. There is the gym?

There are the facial cleansers and the toners.  The balance serums and the moisturizer creams.  And they cost a lot of money.  They don’t erase the lines but they do something – because my husband noticed that my face looked different the very first morning I used the expensive products that I had just purchased from my dermatologist. 

How many products do you use?

Have you added up just how much you cost?

Do you look like this?Unknown