My Husband’s Doctors

My husband and I share some doctors but not all.  So I have all his doctors in my contact list as well. He has given each and every one of them permission to talk to me on his behalf.  Onto my husband’s health.  I am trying to maintain his health.  I had him start taking saw palmetto in his forties to ward off prostate cancer.  I have him on CoQ10 to help ward off whatever it is supposed to ward off.  I make sure he goes to his doctors regularly.  He is older than I am and so he has more things wrong with him.  Yet he is stronger than I am.  I remind him to take his morning meds.  I am desperate to maintain his health because I desperately do not want to be alone.  And I desperately do not want to start over.


Every week, we have at least one doctor’s appointment between us.  Sometimes we have two and on occasion, three. Three doctor appointments a week.  You have to go through the robo systems to get an appointment.  You have to wait to see the doctor.  Then you have to go to the pharmacist and drop off the prescription(s).  Then you have to go back to pick them up.  Then you have to set up your follow up appointment.  This is what I mean by maintenance.  It is tedious and constant.