How Many People Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? Or follow – up survey call

The title used to be a joke.  But if you remember my rant about the survey, you will begin to understand that for everyone who answers your call, there is at least someone who will be doing a followup survey.  That means it takes at least TWO people to do ONE job!!!!

This is the follow up to my encounter with the survey caller.

The following day I had a routine sonogram scheduled.  The technician happened to complain to me about how her boyfriend who worked for an insurance company did not get a bonus because he was rated only “satisfactory” on his performance at work – based upon surveys that were taken.

Oh-oh I thought!  The first thing I did when I got home was to call the brokerage company.  When I explained that I did not want my negative comments to reflect upon the person who had helped me, I was transferred to a supervisor. (NOW at least 3 People are involved in the ONE question).

I explained to the supervisor that I had no complaint with the person who had handled my situation the day before. I had a gripe about the wording of the questions in the survey.  “I mean, for example the choice between satisfied and extremely satisfied.  When I think of extremely satisfied, I think of a fabulously expensive dinner in NYC.  That would be extremely satisfying.  I might think of extraordinary sex.  I would consider that extremely satisfying.  Do you see where I am going?” I asked the supervisor.

“So, I think it would be extreme to be extremely satisfied with a person who did their job and answered my question.  If I answer that I am extremely satisfied then I would have to reach for my thesaurus to come up with another word to describe an exquisite dinner, or mad hot passionate sex.  But since this guy’s bonus depends on my answers and my extreme satisfaction, please change all my answers to say:  “I was orgasmically satisfied by the way he answered my questions.”

“However,” I continued, “You are (name of the brokerage firm), and I am holding all my money with you.  I would not want to hold my money with a firm that did not hire the best and the brightest workers who knew what their job was and did their job in a professional way.  Since you have to follow up on everyone’s response with TEN questions, maybe I should move my money to another brokerage firm because frankly, if you are not sure that your employees are doing their job well, maybe I should not trust you with my lifelong savings?  Oh, but all the firms are doing the exact same thing…”

BUT WHY???????search