But we are on vacation and it is time for dinner.  I don’t know how my mind wandered all around like that.  I gently wake my husband up.  No matter how tired, no matter how long or short a nap he takes, no matter how well or how poorly he has slept, my husband always wakes up fully and he is always in a happy mood.  He is so sweet natured that I want to kiss him.  He might however, mistake this tender gesture, and we may never get to dinner.   I remember that once upon a time that flattered and excited me.   Two years before Shelley was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she had said to me in confidence:  “Now that the lovemaking is over, I just want to be loved.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  But now I just want to eat and sleep.  I want to be taken care of, too.

Are you just as tired?  Do you sometimes feel like YOU are the Amazon fulfillment center?  ( with your kids? your spouse? your parents if they are still alive?)   Do you crave pampering, too?o-OLD-SLEEPING-facebook