NOTHING in the world makes my heart soar like when my daughter shares a parenting story with me and the thinking behind what she is doing.

This is SO good that I must share it with the world.

When I was parenting, I always TRIED (and that means I did not always succeed), to make the punishment fit the crime.

But those days are so over, and now we are into rewards programs – not unlike the Visa rewards you amass for “good behavior.” My daughter does not believe in rewarding good behavior simply because you MUST behave and really deep down inside, you want to behave properly.

BUT…My grandson is strong willed and he is willfully not paying attention to his toilet training.
When he was being poopy trained, he got to play with play dough. That MAKES SENSE!

But now he doesn’t care about having peeing accidents. So, my daughter made a chart. He earns one sticker if he needs to be reminded or prodded and two if he initiates _ (GOOD THINKING TO DIFFERENTIATE between those two kinds of behavior). He was able to pick between two kinds of trucks that he wants as the reward. A picture of what he chose is on top of the chart and he gets to place and count the stickers. (NOW he is also learning math and basic financial planning!!!!)

As a reward for controlling and mastering his urinary urges, HE CHOSE TO REWARD HIMSELF WITH A FIRE TRUCK THAT HAS A WORKING, SQUIRTING HOSE that he will control.

He may or may not be learning the early concept of symbolism but YOU get it!!!!!


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