Letting Go

Personally, I would rather repurpose than recycle.  It is more of a guarantee that the item will actually be used again.  I am trying to do everything right:  lose weight, reign in the money, exercise enough, balance my work with my play, reign in the waste, care for our planet, spend more time with my family…LOL!  But I do care.  So, IF there is an artist out there, or an early ed specialist, or just a mom who needs to organize the kids’ small toys, and can use these containers (originally VEGA protein shake containers -see I told you, I AM trying – to no avail), please message me.

In an earlier life, I wanted to run children’s art programs and these would be great for paint, for water, for clay, for buttons, for threads.  But I am in my later life and yet, I find it hard to recycle them rather than repurpose them.  If I find it hard to let go of these, can you just image?IMG_5589 2

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