Just the name Montauk evokes images of summers at the shore.  And yet it is OCTOBER and while all my other perennials are dead or need to be dead-headed, there are two bushes of Montauk daisies that have just bloomed.  They are my Indian summer perennials that help the summer linger just a little longer before my garden gets put to bed for its long winter sleep.  I took cuttings from my girlfriend’s yard who has taken cuttings from mine.  Two years ago, you could barely see them above the ground.  Last year, they grew but did not flower.   NOW there they stand, a pop of summer amidst the brown.  They are the highlight of my fall garden and I thank them every morning when I look out and see them bloom when all the others have faded.

2 thoughts on “MONTAUK DAISIES

  1. I never had time to pay attention to flowers. I love decorating but gardening wasn’t my thing. Then I planted tomatoes in wine crates that my hubbie lovingly created for me. We ate tomatoes all season. Now I carry a scissor in my bag and snip weeds.. Even my neighbors! Who knew that retirement would give me mindspace to really look at the garden and the variety of birds that astonish me each morning. It’s in these moments that I pause abd give thanks for these gifts.

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    • I once planted an eggplant plant with my next door neighbor. It was a while ago, before she put up the ubiquitous white vinyl fence. We tended it. We got ONE small eggplant which we agreed to share! I have a green thumb with flowers but not with fruits or veggies!


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