SO… You spend a while regretting the fact that you did not have more children.  Competition is a good think and you suspect that capitalism was born of children who were vying for their parents’ love?  affection?  pride?  attention?   When only one person holds the cards – in this case your daughter – it is a monopoly and as monopolies go, she gets to call all the shots.  And she did…

SO… what do you do?  You make a SANE Thanksgiving!  You cook a SANE one-course meal:  turkey tenderloins done to perfection, parsnips and carrots roasted with parsley, roasted asparagus, and you clinch it with your specialty – the irresistible cranberry-orange sauce your guests have loved.  Dessert is easy because you do not make any.  Your dietician will be very proud of you.  She is younger and skinnier than your daughter and she gives you a complete hour of her undivided attention.  (Of course, your insurance company pays her).

You have eaten heathy and clean-up is easy – two dinner plates, two forks, two knives.  And then you go to the movies because the theaters are EMPTY!  And you just wonder how your daughter will feel the Thanksgiving she does not get invited.

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